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6 foods to have daily for strong and healthy teeth

‘You are what you eat’, this proverb reflects best on one’s teeth. When it comes to maintaining healthy gum and teeth, it all depends on what you eat throughout the day. Good food not only helps to repair your body but also in maintaining healthy gums and teeth. One must focus on cutting out foods that adversely affect overall health including dental health. Dr. Riddhi Katara, who is a celebrity Cosmetic Dentist lists out some foods that help maintain good dental health.


Frequent water consumption

Drinking water not only helps in keeping skin healthy but also helps in washing the sugars and acid off the teeth. When you eat something, food particles get stuck between your teeth, which decay the tooth enamel. While drinking water such particles get washed off your teeth and gums creating less harmful bacteria.


Water and dairy products

On one hand, water helps in washing the sugars and acid off the teeth. Dairy products, on the other hand, have minerals like hydroxyapatite that strengthen tooth enamel. Consuming milk is one of the best ways to have healthy teeth, as it contains calcium which is an essential nutrient for teeth.


High fibre foods

Leafy vegetables and other high fibre foods promote good digestion and healthy cholesterol levels, and they also do wonders for your teeth. Various green leafy vegetables such as Spinach leaves, Lettuce, Kale and Arugula are some of the all-around superfoods that help strengthen tooth enamel.


Sugar-free gum

Gums, especially sugar-free ones, generate a good amount of saliva that helps in the cleansing of teeth.


Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice is known widely for reducing plaque by almost 95 per cent.


Coconut oil

Using coconut oil may help keep your gum healthy. It prevents tooth decay and fights gum disease. Use it for oil pulling and in your cooking.


The bottom line

Remember, apart from having good food, it is also essential to keep your teeth clean by brushing them twice a day. Also whenever you’re consuming something that gets stuck between your teeth try to get it cleaned before you go to sleep because while sleeping our body is in repair mode and so are your teeth.

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