Experteeth Dental Care - GENERAL & FAMILY DENTISTRY


Our dentists specialize in Family Dentistry. They take care of the general & family dentistry requirements like:

Cavities, extractions, fresh breath treatments, teeth cleaning and polishing, making and application of dentures, children’s dentistry and treatment pertaining to orthodontics.


We use high-tech dental machines to ensure that you have a painless and relaxing treatment.

Coloured Fillings

Keeping up with the demand for tooth coloured fillings, Experteeth Dental Care, Bandra, uses the least invasive techniques to get you the desired results in a single session.


Cavities will now turn to beautifully restored teeth, thanks to our revolutionary treatment procedures.




Our team of orthodontists specialise in various sub-fields to give you a perfect smile makeover.


If you are worried about protruding upper teeth, misaligned teeth, or gaps in the teeth, simply visit us: we will carve out a perfect set of pearlies and help you gain confidence in yourself.



Children’s dentistry

Children love to eat sweetmeats. As a result, they develop cavities early in their childhood years.


At Experteeth Dental Care, Bandra, parents are counselled on the art of maintaining oral hygiene to teach it to their children. They are also guided about the ways to identify tooth problems in their children.


We make them aware of the hazards of milk bottle syndrome and tips to drive clear of them in case of their children.


Right from extractions to root canal treatments, gum treatments, restorative surgeries and dental braces for misaligned teeth, we have specialist dentists for children. They ensure that your child is treated with utmost love and care using non-invasive and painless treatment procedures.



Teeth extractions

Our aim is to save every tooth of our patients and restore its natural functioning so that it lasts them for their whole lifetime.

Primarily, we do not encourage extractions of teeth. But when patients come to us and there is no scope to save their tooth, we extract it with minimally invasive procedures.


For people suffering from impacted molars, we have specialized dentists who perform surgeries to their utmost satisfaction. We provide consultation to them on restorative dental treatments available at our clinic, after extractions to enable them to live a convenient life, like feasting on delicacies.



Fresh breath treatment

To help patients who suffer from bad mouth odour, we have fresh breath treatment.


Our doctors analyse the underlying causes of your mouth odour and chart out a treatment plan by identifying your general lifestyle preferences—eating habits, oral hygiene, emotional state and environmental factors.


After proper medical analysis, our doctors use the best treatment procedure to treat you to your utmost satisfaction.




Living life without teeth is a nightmare.


Many elderly people avoid replacing their decayed teeth with dentures. They live with those teeth and, as a result, develop health problems caused due to infection of gums when infection-causing microbes spread in their blood.


For people who opt for dentures, we provide complete personalised care and offer special, customised denture fittings. We provide a wide range of dentures and treatment plans like fixed dentures, removable dentures and so on.


We ensure that our patients are comfortable during the treatment and in the follow-up sessions as well.



Professional cleaning and polishing

Very few people understand the importance of professional dental cleaning and polishing in day-to-day life.


Just as our home and surroundings need to be cleaned of dust every day, similarly, our teeth need to be cleaned and polished in a professional way as most do not brush their teeth properly, as a result, food remnants remain stuck in between teeth which leads to plaque, tartar and cavities apart from gum diseases.


So we recommend that you undergo professional cleaning and polishing once every 3 months to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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