It is believed that if the gums are healthy, there’s less chance of infection spreading to the teeth.


At Experteeth Dental Care Bandra, our team of dentists work on the underlying causes, bring the patient’s attention to it and also suggest the best treatment options available at the clinic.


The latest and revolutionary laser dentistry, is most recommended for patients who value their time and look for immaculate results.


Gum bleeding is the most common problem faced by citizens. Almost one in five citizens observe bleeding gums while brushing their teeth. Our laser dentistry at Experteeth Dental Care Bandra disinfects the gums, strengthens it and cures all the gum related diseases using laser technology that’s painless and least invasive.


Through defined sessions, the expert who specializes in gum treatment uses laser dentistry to cure various types of gum diseases be it that of pyorrhea, gum inflammation, cysts and many others that differ from patient to patient.