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Dental crowns are available in different qualities at Experteeth Dental Care Bandra – eg. Ceramic crowns, metal crowns or porcelain crowns.


Every patient at Experteeth Dental Care is made aware of the procedure before the treatment begins. Many Smile trials are undertaken while the treatment is on to ensure that the patient is feels utmost comfortable with the new crowns. Apart from fixing the disjointed and fractured teeth, these crowns also improve the functionality of the teeth, on par with the healthy teeth.


For those who have more than one missing tooth, it gets very difficult to chew food properly thereby leading to digestive problems. Moreover the good teeth tend to shift owing to the missing teeth causing the teeth to become disjointed over a period of time.


Expert dentists at Experteeth Dental Care Bandra recommend such patients with state-of-art dental bridges that enable the patients to bridge the gap between teeth with the new set of ceramic teeth and restore their functionality and aesthetic appeal as well thereby enhancing their smile and confidence.



CAD CAM Crowns

We incorporate Computer Aided Designing of crowns which is precise, perfect and custom-created to suit the patient’s specific needs. The Expert Dentists at Experteeth Dental Care, Bandra design each crown that’s customized for a patient’s specific dental need before giving making their moulds to be fitted on the patient’s tooth.