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What is the best solution for replacing missing teeth, you ask? Dental Implants. They are a sure-shot solution for missing teeth or teeth that are damaged beyond repair. They are artificial fixture that look and feel exactly like natural teeth. The aim of dental implants is to give the patient teeth that are aesthetically pleasing and function like their teeth from bygone era.



What are the benefits of dental implants, you ask?

  1. Bite and chew with ease: A dental implant acts as an extension of your jawbone just like the rest of your teeth. This means, you can enjoy all kinds of foods without any discomfort or difficulty.

  2. Look younger: Missing teeth keep you from being confident. When you get dental implants, youe jawline looks well-balanced and smile looks more pleasing.

  3. Life-long solution: Once you get dental implants, you can forget them. They are strong, durable and long-lasting. Getting dental implants is a one-time procedure.



What happens when you get a dental implant?

At the site of the missing tooth in the jawbone, a titanium structure is anchored. In time, this structure will act as a support for a crown, also called as, artificial tooth. This procedure is exactly similar to how a natural tooth is held in place in a jawbone. Thus, a dental implant, which behaves like natural solution to a missing, regular tooth, is an ideal solution that lasts a lifetime.



How does Experteeth Dental Care does dental implants?

Our team of expert dentists carefully plan and execute the dental implant procedure. As a result, the patient gets the most aesthetically appeasing and functionally strong and durable tooth. The comfort of our patients is at the top of our mind, hence, we ensure that the procedure is painless and smooth.



In-house 3D CBCT Scan

This advanced scanning technology adds an extra dimension to putting implants as it provides accurate imagery of the jaw and teeth. This is essential for knowing critical dental structures like position of nerves, roots of teeth, sinus and so on. Having this information helps eliminate any chance of misplacing implants in the jawbone.

We provide 3 different dental implant treatment procedure:

Immediate Implants: This procedure ends in a day. It is a revolutionary procedure that combines precision surgery with specialised implants for immediate, best results. Most patients are eligible for this treatment provided they are deemed fit for this treatment after dental evaluation.


Single Stage Implants: The entire procedure involving tooth extraction, placement of implant and fabrication of crown takes place in one stage that lasts for 2 weeks approximately.


Two Stage Implants: This procedure is carried out in 2 stages spread over an interval of 3 months minimum. In the 1st stage, an implant is placed in the site in the jawbone. It takes 1 to 2 sessions. In the 2nd stage, crowns are fabricated and they are placed over the implants.



All-on-4 Implants

If you do not want dentures or full mouth implants, then you should opt for All-On-4 implants. This treatment procedure puts 4 implants in the jaw and a set of 16 teeth are placed on those 4 implants.



Zirconia Implants (Ceramic Implants)

Patients who have titanium allergy or do not want metal implants can opt for ceramic implants or Zirconia implants as they are called. Zirconia is a bioceramic material commonly used in the field of dentistry.



Dental Implants last 20 years

The amount of efforts and dedication we put in our work is evident from the smiling faces of our patients. We do not hesitate to offer our patients 20-year money back guarantee on dental implants.



We, at Experteeth Dental Care, wish that you have healthy teeth and a sweet smile. After all, your comfort is our priority. Have a wonderful day ahead!

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