A missing tooth in the front line of upper or lower teeth can be detrimental to your self-image as you may become very conscious about your looks and also shy away from smiling. Moreover, missing teeth create a lot of embarrassment as you cannot chew your food properly and also the gaps in teeth make you conscious about your looks. To tackle these embarrassing situations, dental implants were curated to provide a sure-shot solution to replace the missing teeth with new ceramic teeth of equal strength and aesthetics.


Here’s how the Dental Implants work to bring back the functionality, aesthetics, smile and Confidence back into your life:


  • Dental implants are revolutionary solution for missing teeth.
  • Our Expert and highly experienced Implantologists at Experteeth Dental Care Bandra make a detailed analysis of your teeth’s condition, gum’s health and past/present medical condition.
  • You are given counselling on the impending treatment.
  • Through a virtual imaging technology, you are shown the result of the smile makeover even before the treatment begins.
  • A titanium metal screw is drilled into the gum cavity of the missing teeth.
  • The Dental implantologist keeps a thorough check on its healing till the next session is scheduled.
  • In the following session, a custom-created porcelain crown is fitted on the titanium screw.
  • The Dental crown’s colour is closest to your actual tooth colour to give you the most natural looking new teeth.
  • Apart from providing the aesthetic appeal and augmenting the smile, Dental Implants enable you to chew, grind and bite food like your natural teeth and thereby help you to digest the food well for the better the food is digested; your health tends to improve.
  • Depending on the need for dental implantology, one can go for single tooth replacement or multiple. So say good-bye to denture clasps and viscous adhesives. Get your sparkling new teeth thanks to the revolutionary dental implants at Experteeth Dental Care Bandra


The Experteeth Dental Care’s Experts Advantage


  • Only specialised implantologists and aesthetic dentists perform the treatment at Experteeth Dental Care Bandra.
  • The success rate of Dental Implants is almost 99% thereby making it the most preferred solution for replacement of missing teeth.
  • These dental implants are all tested for global quality standards and sterilized before use.
  • Every care is taken to provide guidance and support at every step of the treatment be it from consultation to the final fitting of the implant and post-surgery follow ups.
  • Every doubt is cleared and every lurking fear is addressed.After all, your comfort is our priority.