A billion-dollar smile is one’s biggest asset. A smile can create lasting impressions on others and enhance your personality. People with beautiful smiles are more confident souls. Ask yourself these questions “Do I have a perfect smile?” “Do I have a selfie-friendly smile?” “Does my smile get me compliments galore?” If yes, you are blessed with nature’s best gift. But if you are among those who shy to smile owing to misaligned, crooked, protruding, disjointed, irregular, gapped, stained and discolored teeth, you need to consider a smile makeover and bring back the confidence in your life. With revolutionary technology and expertise, it is very much possible.


Experteeth Dental Care, Bandra specializes in smile makeovers to enhance your personality, boost your self-image and confidence and enable you to fall in love with your own smile. Experteeth Dental Care believe that you must love yourself to be able to create lasting impressions on others.

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Digital Smile Designing


This is the latest technology from Experteeth Dental Care that redefines the smiles and makes you fall in love with a ‘NEW YOU’. This niche dental smile makeover is highly advanced and sophisticated. Have you ever imagined seeing your perfect pearls even before the treatment? It’s now possible thanks to Digital Smile Designing by Experteeth Dental Care Bandra specialists.


So what is Digital Smile Designing?


  • Digital smile designing is a revolutionary concept in crafting beautiful smiles using innovative leading edge technologies in dental care.
  • Experteeth Dental Care makes use of a special software imaging machine which enables you to see your smile makeover avatar even prior to the dental treatment.
  • Experteeth Dental Care provides the entire blue print of the treatment right at the outset of the treatment.
  • Experteeth Dental Care explain the entire process to you and answer every query to address your fears and doubts.
  • Experteeth Dental Care show you your real-time image of the smile makeover using a specialized software to enable you to decide about the treatment.
  • Experteeth Dental Care provides a step-by-step and complete guidance on the treatment module.
  • You have the power to choose from the various dental treatment options for your smile makeover basis your budget and preference.
  • Only when you are convinced of the preliminary consultation, we start with the comprehensive smile makeover treatment.
  • Basis the condition of the teeth and the severity of the problem, we arrange to treat you by defining the sessions.
  • Experteeth Dental Care uses minimal invasive techniques to ensure smooth, hassle-free and painless treatment to your advantage.
  • Experteeth Dental Care indulges in smile makeover trials such as using crowns and veneers to ensure that you are absolutely comfortable with the treatment and post two or three trials, the treatment is brought to fruition.
  • Post dental treatment, you get to discover your new smile and avatar to your sheer amazement.


Porcelain Veneers


What are porcelain veneers?


  • Porcelain veneers are biocompatible laminates that are used in the treatment of chipped, chapped, disfigured and distorted teeth.
  • Dental porcelain veneers look as natural as one’s own teeth.
  • They very durable and enhance your smile aesthetics.
  • Veneers are custom created as per one’s oral constitution eg. the shape and size of teeth, jawline and contour.
  • Treatment is done in just about two sittings at Experteeth Dental Care Bandra .
  • The sheer luster of veneers gives you a sparkling smile and a confident demeanor.
  • Wish to know more? Contact your Dental Expert at Experteeth Dental Care Bandra today.


Porcelain crowns


Just like the latest trends in fashion, smile makeover with porcelain crowns is trending with the Gen-next citizens.


So what are porcelain crowns?


  • Porcelain Crowns are natural porcelain laminates that protect the damaged teeth from further degenerating.
  • They are a healthy replacement for silver metal crowns which look unpleasant.
  • Porcelain crowns are an alternative to metal crowns post root canal treatment to protect the tooth from getting fractured.
  • Porcelain Crowns blend with the teeth’s natural colour and enhance the beauty and aesthetics.
  • Porcelain crowns are customized as per your teeth’s natural structure.
  • Porcelain Crowns are ideal for damaged, distorted, decayed, discoloured, chapped, cracked or fractured teeth.
  • Moreover, you get back your teeth’s functionality, strength and aesthetics to your advantage apart from enhancing your smile and your confidence.
  • These porcelain crowns come with 5year,10years and 15 warranty basis the brand you choose.


Cosmetic Dental Bondings


Why should you switch to cosmetic dental bondings?


  • It is a One-Day Smile Makeover.
  • Cosmetic Dental bondings are the most preferred and least invasive of the Digital smile dentistry treatments.
  • These are made of composite resin that bond with your teeth to enhance the smile and fix up the damaged tooth.
  • Bondings are ideal for chapped, discoloured, distorted, misaligned, broken or fractured teeth and gaps between teeth.
  • One-Day Smile Makeover is painless and cost effective.
  • Best of all there are no follow up sessions required for this treatment.
  • A half broken front tooth post bonding treatment will look like a brand new tooth that enhances your smile and uplifts your spirit.
  • To know more about the value added cosmetic dental bonding treatment, meet the Dental Experts at Experteeth Dental Care Bandra today.