At Experteeth Dental Care Bandra, only specialized experts perform specific dental treatments.


We are aware that the underlying fear of root canal treatment is one of the reasons that most patients keep ignoring the need for treatment on time as a result the tooth decay worsens leading to the need for root canal treatment or in worst cases, tooth extraction.


With this key insight, the Expert Endodontists at Experteeth Dental Care Bandra have envisaged a unique solution to put patients fears to rest and to enable them sit through the procedure that is least invasive. After all, we care for our patients at every step of the treatment and want the best solution for them.


Unlike the fear of conventional root canal treatment, patients have welcomed the innovative treatment as we adopt a very unique way to ensure that they are comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure.


Patients are given a VR Box at Experteeth Dental Care to enjoy their favourite movies during the root canal treatment. So while they are engrossed in watching the movie, they are more at ease and relaxed and less tensed. Sometimes, patients are put to sleep through the procedure as per their preference.